Cosplay For All Colors

So I read a very awesome article from the equally awesome Sarah The Rebel, you can look it up here:

In short, it is about how a cosplay group called Chocolate Covered Cosplay or C3 (their Facebook page  What these ladies are about is showing that women of color can cosplay any character from any series, even though most of the characters from these series are usually light or white skinned.  As you can see from the post, they put a lot of effort into the make up and the costumes and they look beautiful.

Now I am in no way a cosplay expert and probably never will be, but I have seen enough of it to see what is good and bad, and this is really good cosplay.  Sure, the professional cosplayers probably will out do them but that is an unfair comparison since most professionals have LOTS of money and time and it’s pretty much their job to look as much as the character as possible.  What I see in these girls though is a lot of effort and it shows.

This story is also personal to me since my lovely girlfriend is an African-American who is also into the geeky culture.  Granted, she is not really into cosplay in general but she feels that she might want to try it out someday with a few of her favorite characters from certain anime or video games she is fond of.  And she should have the right to do so, even if the character is not of darker skin, I feel she would pull it off beautifully because deep down, cosplay is about expressing your love of a character, regardless of how you yourself look,

And that to me, is the true essence of what life is, expressing yourself, for yourself and no one else but you.

Check out Sarah’s personal blog @ and for more great articles and I wish to personally thank for inspiring me to create this blog as well. 🙂


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